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Dirt Cheap Books

I have no idea what itis called, and I’m not really even sure that it has a name, but the shopping bags had ‘dirt cheap books’ printed on them.

It’s in a warehouse space at 222 Johnson St in Collingwood, close to Hoddle St.

What is it? It’s a massive book sale, and nearly every book is $4.95, or 3 for $10. I checked it out this weekend, and as soon as I stepped in I knew I had found gold.

The lower level has hardback books priced around $10, with some great titles, but make sure to step upstairs because that’s where the real deals are. There’s a great selection, a lot of well known authors and lots of different genres: crime, romance, chick lit, self help, travel…. it was all there.

And at 3 books for $10 my head was spinning.


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Lee Jeans

I love jeans, and it is my opinion that a quality, classy pair of jeans can beat out a dress or business attire any day, when worn appropriately. Just look at all the stars that turn up on the red carpet in a glitzy top and a great pair of jeans.

Last weekend I was shopping on Chapel Street and stepped into the Lee Jeans shop. If you can’t find a pair of jeans in the place that suits you, you’re a lost cause. The shop is almost like a jeans bar, where all the options are spread out in front of you on a wide counter, from widest to skinniest leg. Behind the bar is a sales associate, who gives you your size from the racks behind the bar and is ready to offer suggestions on different fits and colours, and how to care for each pair.

Lee jeans don’t come cheap, but they’re not exorbitantly priced either. Besides, you’ll live in them, and you pay for what you get.

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I’ve spent at least a total of 24 hours in the Ikea store at Victoria Gardens in the last month and a half. Part of moving to a new city means buying heaps of new stuff that you never realised you’d need but suddenly can’t live without. For example: a whisk. Or a bottle opener. Or a key hook. One run through Ikea and suddenly I’m $400 poorer, all spent on individual items that cost no more than $5 each. It’s robbery.

But still, I go back. Again and again. And really, though it’s not my favourite place to spend a Sunday morning, it’s easy enough to get in, get everything I need, and get out the door. Ikea and I certainly have a love-hate relationship.

As a renter, the last thing I want in my (tiny) apartment is expensive furniture. I mean, I have dreams one day of upgrading into a large beautiful warehouse conversion, at which point I’ll buy my leather lounge suite, but for now I’m hardly responsible enough to take care of such an investment. Plus, I have a tendency to move between countries fairly often, and according to Qantas hauling furniture along is not really an option. For my type, Ikea is perfect.

Besides, at least I get to reward myself for my spending efforts with a $1 hotdog on the way out the door.

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