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Toni & Guy

A few months ago a friend of the family got a job at the Toni & Guy salon in Perth. She needed models to practice the cuts she was learning, and being the frugal person I am I volunteered. Hey, discount haircut.

But, I was also oh-so aware of Toni & Guy as the international salon chain I saw in London and New York but could never consider for a cut, seeing as they run tend to run somewhere around $150.

The great part: I got the best haircut I’ve ever had in my life. The not so great part: I came to the realisation that I’d never be able to get a haircut like that again in my life, since normally it would cost me half my weekly rent. My hair had nowhere to go but down.

Fast forward to Melbourne, where I found a Toni & Guy salon that needs models for its students. Today I scored a great new haircut (chopped off 7 inches, eek!) and I’ll be ducking in on Monday for free highlights with the same stylist. All for $0 dollars.

Usually apprentice stylists are very highly qualified, they just have to learn to cut hair “the Toni & Guy way.” That means they need to find their own models, and once they’ve cut every friend and family-members hair they’re relying on strangers. They really appreciate models, and the truth is that your haircut will be even more perfect than usual since a supervisor is looking over their shoulder the whole time.

The only thing to consider: the cuts take between 2 to 3 hours, seeing as every strand has to be perfect, so remember to bring your patience along with you.


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