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Rooftop Cinema

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I agreed to sit on top of a building, exposed to the elements, and catch a flick. I love outdoor cinema, but this usually involves expansive parks and trees and picnic blankets, not skyscrapers.

The clincher, though, was that Ghostbusters was showing on Sunday night and I’ve somehow never ever seen it. Startling, I know.

Rooftop cinema is on the top floor of the Curtin House, home of the well known bar Cookie. The set up was fantastic: lounge chairs, plastic grass growing underfoot, and a screen set to a backdrop of sparkly Melbourne high-rises.

Not only that, but service in your seat via sms. Just send your seat number and request to the bar, and they’ll quietly slip you your snacks/drinks/meal during the film.

Then, after the movie, visit the rooftop bar right next to the cinema area, which has the same great view and serves up fantastic granitas. Experiences like this remind me of why I love living in big cities.


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