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Seven Seeds coffee

A friend of mine claims to be a real coffee connoisseur. He also claims that instant coffee has never passed his lips. This is not uncommon in Melbourne, it’s a city full of coffee snobs!

Me, I don’t discriminate. I start every day with a Moccona instant in a huge mug. My boyfriend claims this need for a grande-size caffeine fix is the American in me. Then I usually squeeze in a skinny cappuccino sometime during the afternoon. I just love coffee in general.

But back to my friend. Last weekend he introduced me to Seven Seeds coffee at Dead Man Espresso in South Melbourne. And I have to say, it was the second best coffee I’ve had in Melbourne.

I don’t feel completely qualified to review the food, but I watched my friends enjoy smoked salmon on rye with a avocado and grapefruit salsa. There wasn’t much talking once the food arrived, more “mmmm-ing” than anything really.

But Dead Man Espresso, please turn up the heating! The wind comes straight through under the sliding glass door and it took me a while to bring my feet back to life.


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The Standard Hotel

What I love most about Melbourne is finding little gems off the beaten track. The Standard Hotel is one of these little gems. I knew I’d found a goodie when I first walked in the door. The country decor is full of cozy nooks for hiding from cold winters.

But keep walking. The beer garden is where The Standard really shines. Then keep walking. And walking. The leafy garden stretches for ages and somehow, like inside the pub, its full of nooks too. On a sunny day it’s the perfect place to catch up with friends at a long picnic table.

The food is quality, my only complaint being that it don’t offer chips or wedges, which are an absolute must for any worthwhile pub!

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